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Gratitude & Hope! Never fails, time after time…

Upfront disclaimer: This post is not about ‘toxic’ positivity. Two things have been on my mind lately. The first thing

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On a fresh note…

To say I have been on a long writing break is an understatement, but I am back in a space

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About that healthy living (or eating)…

If there’s anything this covidic period has done, it’s either made you fatter or you’ve stayed the same. And if

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Think About It, There’s More To Your Job Than The Salary

It’s been a while friend, how are you? Today’s post is something I’ve been thinking about for some time, so

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ATTENTION: How To Get Rid of Toxic People

The debauchery, excesses, constant procrastination, second-guessing, giving yourself no attention, the busyness, the avoidance, laziness, the analysis-paralysis, being hard on

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How To Nurture The Little Things In 7 Areas Of Your Life 

“So often it is the small decisions in life that end up shaping our future the most”. – Ellen Sirleaf

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4 Things You Do When You Are Desperate To Be Liked

My childhood background Growing up as a teenager, my family attended an Anglican Church and one of the religious rites

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Thank You 2017

What a year 2017 was? I remember my state of mind in the early hours of the morning on the

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4 ways to destroy and overcome your ‘Comparison Appetite’

“If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser


Your Hard Earned Money And You

I woke up today thinking about money. I mean, I think about it every day, but this morning, it was