“So often it is the small decisions in life that end up shaping our future the most”.

– Ellen Sirleaf Johnson

So we have packed away the Xmas trees, gone back to our daily routine, heavy traffic has resumed, work is in full swing and we are ardently pursuing our 2018 New Year resolutions, goals or plans etc. This is the time we are told we can either break or make things and we don’t want to fall off the wagon. And in our pursuit of our goals/dreams, I believe that the small things matter. We sometimes don’t comprehend the impact small things which are consistently practised have on our overall wellbeing.  Habits like consistency, honesty, reliability, having a respect for yourself and others, showing compassion and punctuality to name a few yield positive outcomes when practised over time.

But we don’t make big life decisions every year. Think about it- a decision to buy your first house is not something you make every year. You decide to do it, plan towards it, buy the house and then move in. It’s the same way you don’t plan for a wedding every year. You plan a wedding once, get married and hope to live happily ever after.

So in between the big ticket phases of life, what do we do? We do the ‘small things’. The things that make a difference, the ‘little drops of water’ that fill the bucket, the acts that have a ripple effect, the small habits that develop our character- the daily things. From personal experience, by nurturing the small things, the degree of personal satisfaction and the quality of life can be enhanced. These small things  generally cover 7 areas of an individual’s life which I have shared below.

How To Nurture The Small Things In 7 Areas Of Your Life 

  1. Your Relationships. These include your relationship with your partner, children, parents, siblings and close friends.

  • Engaging in honest and constant conversations
  • Learning from them
  • Strengthening your bond with them- expressing gratitude, complimenting and making time for them
  • Setting a good example
  • Listening to your children and giving them your full attention
  • Allowing loved ones to express themselves freely with no reservation & judgement
  • Agreeing to disagree (it can’t be your way or the high way)
  • Showing up
  • Letting love and self-esteem grow in others
  • Being patient
  • Praying for them
  1. Your Faith. How are you enriching the relationship you have with God?

  • Communicating with Him regularly. Eliminating small talk with Him and giving Him the gist of things.
  • Staying open with Him, engaging in the relationship you both have sincerely and with no pretence
  • Understanding that in the scheme of things regarding your life, His direction, guidance and insight play a major role.
  • Giving Him top priority and not shoving Him to the background telling yourself that He will understand how busy your life is.
  • Trusting Him to help you with making the right choices.
  • Learning to listen when He nudges you and not ignore Him.
  1. Your Health

  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Eating healthily, cooking nourishing meals.
  • Taking steps to increase your body’s longevity, taking good care of it and not over-exerting it
  • Getting yourself checked regularly- optometrist, dentist, gynaecologist, GP etc.
  • Engaging in self-care habits and being indulgent
  • Giving up unhealthy habits
  • Drinking more water
  • Taking your multivitamins
  • De-cluttering your spaces- mental, physical etc.
  • Taking restful breaks in between and away from work to rejuvenate
  • Improving your posture
  1. Your Mind

  • Making reading a habit
  • Speaking your mind as is tactfully possible
  • Having peace of mind
  • Ensuring your personal space is aesthetically pleasing to me.
  • Praying
  • Stop over-thinking things
  • Keeping things neat, clean and tidy
  • Experiencing new things, new sights, new places, new activities etc.
  • Listening and dancing to good music
  • Indulging your senses and surrounding yourself with pleasant scents
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Laughing deeply- the type of laugh that brings happy tears to the face
  • Breathing deeply
  • Relaxing without feeling guilty
  1. Your Work/Career

  • Being punctual
  • Asking questions to seek clarity
  • Staying away from drama & strife
  • Pulling your weight at work and contributing to the team
  • Being polite and courteous (not a people pleaser)
  • Asking for feedback
  • Being organised
  • Taking initiative, being proactive
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Connecting with colleagues
  • Being fully present and not partially vested
  • Adding value and bringing your strengths to the table
  • Making yourself easy to work with and not contributing negatively to the work environment
  • Asking for help
  1. Your Resources- this includes time, finances, the things that enable you to live a satisfying life/an optimal standard of living etc. I wrote about money last year, you can access that article titled Money and You.

  • Living within your means
  • Being disciplined and investing your time, resources and money wisely
  • Re-assessing your To-Do lists
  • Staying productively busy and not just busy for the sake of it
  • Avoiding constant multitasking to your own detriment
  • Being conscious of how much time you spend on activities that don’t really add value
  • Splurging- enjoying the tangible rewards of your hard work
  • Accepting compliments
  • Sharing your resources with those that are less privileged
  • Focusing on the essential things
  1. Your Self

  • Saying Please, Sorry and Thank you when required
  • Trusting your instincts more
  • Taking full responsibility when appropriate and not shifting blame
  • Reaching out and being more vulnerable
  • Respecting yourself
  • Not being tenaciously dogmatic in your opinions when you can be amenable
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Blowing your own horn when opportune because your achievements are significant
  • Keeping promises, be the person that keeps their word
  • Engaging in things that make you happy, that satisfy and challenge you, that stretch your limits and pull you  out of your comfort zone
  • Being more positive and less pessimistic
  • Staying authentic- living a life consistent with your ideas, ensuring that you are at peace with yourself.
  • Being decisive
  • Making more choices to be positive, to be content. Are you happy, are you brightening up your life?
  • Stop wasting time and procrastinating
  • Being patient with yourself
  • Tackling the difficult things first
  • Being compassionate
  • Being deeply passionate
  • Playing
  • Dressing up

The things you engage in daily to nurture these areas of your life will ultimately determine the big things. They are the things that will build your character, help you to be dependable, honest, trustworthy, hardworking, reliable, efficient etc. Achieving successes with the small things will give you the confidence to tackle bigger things.

I can’t say I am where I want to be in all these areas- I’m very good in some areas and others, I’m seriously lacking, but it’s a journey isn’t it? However, I have decided to be serious about imbibing some of these small and seemingly mundane activities into my lifestyle to reinforce my foundation for the bigger things.

What are your thoughts on the above, how are you nurturing the little things in your life?

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Till we chat again, keep shining, share the blog with your awesome tribe and take care of yourself XOXOXO


Image: Pixabay

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