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As this year comes to a close (…my last 6 months in 2020)

That feeling of being mute and numb to everything going on around you is what I felt in the last

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Let go of hiding behind yourself

“Vulnerability is the only authentic state. Being vulnerable means being open, for wounding, but also pleasure. Being open to the


Think you are running out of time?

For someone who is living out her 41st year of existence, I believe I have something to say about this.


DESIDERATA: In The Quest To Being More Attuned…

I love poems, especially when they are musings about life. It is the way words are captured and expressed so

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9 Small but Important Things That Matter

Happy New Year my friend. Welcome to 2020- the year that has been touted as the one where dreams will

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In The Quest To Being More Courageous…

I came across this poem in October last year, and it has since left an indelible mark on my life,

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Gossip: The Vile And Pointless Confessions

A show of hands if you’ve ever engaged in some gossip before. Thank you for your honesty- I also raised

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ATTENTION: How To Get Rid of Toxic People

The debauchery, excesses, constant procrastination, second-guessing, giving yourself no attention, the busyness, the avoidance, laziness, the analysis-paralysis, being hard on

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Can you be in your 30s and be unsure of what you want in a career?

The answer is YES. Per societal norms, traditions, subconscious beliefs, ‘wisdom’ handed down over the years by parents, or those