Late to the party?

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AKA the joys of being a late bloomer

Do not worry; enjoy the party.

I chatted with a close friend some months ago, and we both temporarily joked that all we seem to be good at is handling challenges, developing resilience, and enjoying the few respites scattered between our frequent bouts of encumbrances. We told each other that our lives are akin to rough terrains, attaining goals at our advanced times. At the end of our conversation, we both agreed that we have at least emerged from these challenges unscathed, we are malleable, and best of all, increasingly getting resilient. We admitted to each other that despite the labour, our lives are optimal (not perfect) because we are thriving and fulfilled.

I know a stigma is attached to the word late bloomer, but I have always embraced it because it is the story of my life- where I am steps behind surfing the wave. I penned my thoughts on a similar train of thought here 3 years ago, and I increasingly appreciate the richness of my outlook on this. I think it’s because I am attaining my goals and pushing my boundaries at a mature age. It is an exhilarating way to live.

In my case currently, life has a cadence. There is a certain level of contentedness, groundedness, and a well-tended aura that I am living with. Certain situations make me furious, while others bring out the best in me, but despite setbacks and disappointments, there is a level of assuredness that makes me know that everything will work out well.


There is something freeing about living life on your terms (knowing that events can suddenly usurp that flow) and putting your best foot forward. When you know your strengths, understand your limitations, free yourself of self-imposed pressures, lessen the need to compare yourself to others, and do not ring-fence the metrics of life satisfaction to age, money amassed, material gains, social clout, popularity etc., I think you provide the perfect mental conditions for your life to thrive. You tend to appreciate what is unique about your life and savour your life journeys.

When you can chart your course because you have chosen to be free from the rigid confines of societal expectations or the empirical measurements of success, that is freedom. It doesn’t matter if you are lagging or far ahead, there is a deep sense of joy and passion that you feel living life. Weirdly, the sense of expectation is also high because you are determined to keep taking risks, pushing your boundaries, and resolute in not giving up.

So what am I rambling about?

All I am saying is that you should take your time in this world, appreciate your path, enjoy where you are now, embrace and own your struggles, celebrate your achievements, learn from your mistakes, and live life on your timelines. Eventually, it’s not about how you started but how well you finish.

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