Why Do You Love Everything Beauty And Skincare?


If you are a female reading this, one of the things we undeniably care about and invest in is our skin and beauty products; and if you are like me, one of our life goals is to have a clear, velvety, smooth, even toned and acne free skin(it is still work in progress for me). We are constantly bombarded with all the products that we have been told can make our faces as clear as daylight, make our lashes longer or our pouts fuller. And we buy them, if it pertains to skincare or beauty- lipsticks, perfumes, mascaras, concealers, foundation, eyeshadows, bronzer, body scrubs, primers, concealer, body polishes, face serums, waxes, eye shadows, nail polish, brushes, face masks, eyeliners, face sheets, name it- we buy. Skincare and beauty purchases are some of those things that can give us instant gratification.

Being ‘made up’ or ‘dolled up’ is a habit for a lot of us and it is such a good thing. It makes us feel great, we turn into a ‘version 2’ of ourselves and we gain a lot of wanted attention. But we also know that some of these beauty items don’t often come cheap. Depending on your preferences, you could decide to go for high-end, specialty beauty stores or drug store beauty items. I fall predominantly in the beauty/drugstore category.

My introduction to Make up

I was introduced to make up in my 2nd year in the university by a friend, (I know, I was a latecomer to the party). She constantly teased me about not enhancing my ‘God-given’ looks. Eventually, I gave in to her demands to make me up and what a difference it made. That really was where my love of all things ‘prettiness’ in the make up space began. I wasn’t as hysterical about makeup as she wanted me to be then (still not), but I know it has its place and I enjoy it from time to time.

My skincare routine

My daily skincare routine is the basic Cleanse-Tone-Apply serum-Moisturise-SPF (and I exfoliate and mask weekly). When stepping outside the house, I only apply a bold lipstick colour and a mascara. I particularly love lipsticks that are bold. It’s one of the few ways I know to draw attention to myself (excuse my vanity tendencies…lol). This means that on any given day, the only make up items you’ll find in my makeup bag are lipsticks- loads of them, in all colours and my perfume. Applying eyeliners is going the mile in my books, and by the time you are still putting on the concealer, foundation and blushers, I’m already out of the door. That’s just me, anything other than lipstick and mascara just seems too much of an effort.  So, my skincare and beauty budget is quite conservative.

On the flip side, there is a group that can pull off a smooth face with dishwashing liquid (I know it’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean), their skin glows, is plump and fresh. These ladies literally make little or no effort in the skincare department but they pull off a fresh face every time (thanks to their good genes). If you are in this category, you are very lucky. Some of us are not that fortunate.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some that Go.All.Out. These ladies literally have a walk-in makeup closet (no kidding), because it is a top priority for them, either because of skin concerns or because of their love for it. You can trim down their food, clothing and entertainment budgets, but you don’t dare touch their skincare’s. For them, skincare is as important as oxygen, a matter of priority and they look good doing it. By now you know which category you fall in and the one that suits you.

How much do I spend on beauty and skincare products?

A quick google search on budgeting tells us we should strive to spend about 30% of our gross income on rent/bond/mortgage, not more than that, and if you can do less, then you should. But there is no yardstick for beauty matters and I personally don’t think there is a widely acceptable percentage of income when it comes to skincare and makeup. I believe it’s an individualistic venture, one that is perhaps linked to your background, medical issues, orientation, skin problems, affordability, proclivity, interests and priority.

I am aware of how beauty and skincare products make me look ‘put together’ on a day to day basis, and this is why my biggest splurges are on body butters, lipsticks and perfumes. I buy the products for my skincare routine every 4 -6 months, which include acne and anti-blemish products. I also plan for my skincare purchases to coincide with when my favourite beauty stores have sales so that I can take advantage of discounted prices to stock up without paying so much. This has resulted in me spending less than my skincare budget.

Factors that influence skincare expenses

For some people, major skin care issues that are hereditary, hormonal, accidental etc. have caused them to invest more than they would like to on their skin. The environments others live in dictate their spend as they can use the same products throughout the year. For others, they experience seasonal changes so they use different products in the winter and summer months. Others are just blessed with good skin so they spend little or nothing and for some, their investment in skincare and makeup is to delay as long as is possible, every trace of ageing.

How much do you spend on skincare and beauty products?

It is said that where your heart is, your money is as well.  Is your skincare & beauty spending equitable to your income or do you spend disproportionately?  We have all fallen prey to predicaments where, because a product has been promised to deliver heaven on our faces, we spend money on it only to have our skin issues worsen?  Sometimes we waste our money on products inadvertently. I am personally not averse to spending top money for skincare products, but it’s just one of those things that I don’t splurge on. Once a year, I may buy 1 or 2 high-end products here and there, but I generally stick to relatively affordable beauty store products that have consistently provided good outcomes.

Having said all, what does your spend on skincare/beauty products in a month, quarter or a year, in relation to affordability and priorities look like? Do you spend little, just enough, too much or you have no idea? Do you think you’re skimping too much or you believe the lavishness is unwarranted? Is it an expense that is on the monthly budget, a quarterly expense or a once-a-year splurge? Do you believe that the higher the price, the better the quality or you’re happy to purchase generic off-the-shelf products? Is the investment worth it, are you seeing the results you want?

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Till we chat again, keep shining, share this blog with your awesome tribe and take care of yourself XOXOXO

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