My friend,

You and I made it to the end of the year (at least we’re almost there), and you know what? We both deserve to pop champagne, drink wine, local beer/gin, non-alcoholic beverages, water or whatever tickles our fancy to celebrate this milestone.

I tell you, 2018 for me was a mixed bag of all sorts. I reached certain highs I didn’t realise would be possible and dipped to a few lows but overall, it was a really awesome year. I am grateful for everything it offered and look forward to 2019 with anticipation and more excitement.

Having gone past these 11 and a half months and as most people do at this time of the year, I looked back and decided to make a list of all the things I am deeply convinced of (that is, without a shadow of a doubt).  These will form part of my mantra for 2019 and I am so eager to share these with you. So here it goes.

If there is anything I knew in 2018, it is:

  1. To never ever underestimate the power of casual connections. I met some new people in my life this year who inadvertently led me to opportunities I could only dream of.
  2. My destiny is in my own hands- no one else is responsible for my choices, joys, decisions and victories.
  3. That facing my deepest fears provide the greatest opportunities for personal discovery.
  4. I should ALWAYS be good to myself.
  5. I always believe the best of people until such a time when they take me for granted and I then decide it’s best to let them go. It’s good to give people the benefit of doubt, but when it breeds toxicity, let go.
  6. Despite no. 5, I should not act towards new people I meet based on my biases but give them a chance.
  7. Everyone is insecure to some degree.
  8. Nothing is always as it seems. Believe me, it’s not always as it seems.
  9. I have a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and don’t like cluttered and dirty spaces.
  10. Although I read many books, Khaleid Hossein and Chimamanda Adichie remain my favourite authors.
  11. I have actually made more good decisions than I have bad ones, and I should stop berating myself for the bad decisions I made in the past and will make in the future.
  12. I am freest when I am authentic and honestly myself.
  13. My metabolism is not as quick as it was 2 years ago- signs of aging probably. I see myself paying attention to my body than I used to.
  14. As much as I am an introvert, I weirdly enjoy being in big crowds where I can people-watch.
  15. It is common sense to live within my means.
  16. A great attitude is as important as oxygen.
  17. Sleep is not a waste of time neither does it mean you are a slacker. It is beneficial and necessary for a great quality of life (I now agree with my eldest sister who says sleeping is my hobby).
  18. It is possible to be closer to non-blood relatives than to those of the same family.
  19. I will never wear bum shorts outside the walls of my house even though I have firm thighs and beautiful legs (if I say so myself, lol). This piece of clothing is only worn when I am in my house.
  20. I only have one body so taking care of it, having fun, indulging in what gives me joy, what I eat and health is important- both can go a long way in extending my body’s longevity.
  21. It is important to take care of my finances- savings, investments etc. and not spend flippantly.
  22. I am a very resilient person and being able to persevere is one of my strongest traits.
  23. I am happiest when I am at peace.
  24. A rejection/dashed expectation/delay does not mean that thing will never happen for me.
  25. Giving everything I do the best devotion/attention is a solid trait of mine.
  26. Because I have one person who loves me unreservedly in this world, I am truly blessed.
  27. It is wise to pick my battles and just let certain things slide.
  28. Reading is one of my safe and healthy ways of dealing with trauma, challenges and life’s troubles.
  29. A personal one-on-one relationship with God is what’s important- not a religion and not what a church’s pastor says.
  30. I have little tolerance for small talk.
  31. I shouldn’t take certain things personally.
  32. I am really brave and courageous because I have done things that scared me in the past but I succeeded.
  33. It is a waste of time to spend time with people who do not treat me kindly (even after I make an effort to understand them).
  34. It pays to be honest and a person of integrity, with my words matching my actions as much as is possible.
  35. As much as I hate being bored, boredom spurs my creativity.
  36. The Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is my favourite car. One day is one day…
  37. Jollof and fried rice, mixed with fried plantain, coleslaw and fish is my favourite meal.
  38. I shouldn’t stop dreaming because dreams do come true. I achieved some this year and 2019, I’m coming for you.
  39. The only high expectations I should have is of myself.
  40. I should not take myself so seriously.
  41. I should never stop learning.
  42. Age is no limit to achieving some things in life. As long as I’m moving, I’m progressing.
  43. Being at peace, in good health and staying content are my top 3 criteria for measuring my quality of life- money is at no. 7.
  44. Devoting time to my closest relationships always yields great returns.
  45. People I was once close to can become strangers
  46. It is unproductive to waste time impressing people.
  47. Being alone helps me centre myself.
  48. My values are my rudder in life
  49. Good things truly come to those who wait
  50. That God always, always, and I mean ALWAAAAAAAAAAAAYS has my best interests at heart.

Not that I didn’t know all these things before, I merely experienced these on a greater level this year.

What is it that you knew in 2018? Make a decision now to experience more life-changing discoveries in 2019.

Until we chat again, I want to say a big THANK YOU to you for reading the blog since I launched it last year December and making 2018 a memorable for me as a newbie to blogging.  May the new year bring you so much more in joy, good health, satisfaction and achievements. Wishing you a merry Xmas and a happy new year in advance. Travel safe and take care of yourself.

Speak to you in 2019. xoxo

Image: Pixabay

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