40 New Experiences For 2018

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Happy New Year! My prayer and wishes for you is that in 2018, some of the deepest desires in your heart are achieved, and that you grow more in this year than you did in 2017. Welcome to it, may it be your best year ever!

When the last quarter of 2017 hit, as with most of us, I got into a reflective mood and I thought, what am I going to do differently in 2018? We all have those big-ticket items lined up for the new year, things like buying a new car, getting a new job, getting promoted at work, having babies, getting married, relocating, launching a new business, meeting ‘The one’, travelling, buying a house, getting braces, graduating from school, studying, enrolling your child in the school of choice etc. I am sharing my list of new things I am willing to do in the new year, activities that are less ‘deliberate’. The point is to do something out of your comfort zone, live out your curiosity and gain new experiences and perspectives by ‘just doing’. It is not an exhaustive list, but it is a good starting point. Here it goes.

40 New Experiences for 2018

  1. To wear clothes in bright colours (this is for me as I love mostly black).
  2. To be less competitive and more collaborative.
  3. To take up a new hobby/skill. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one and could be something as simple as drawing, reading, skipping, painting, bead work, walking, knitting, learning to play an instrument, running, photography, sketching, writing, puzzles, cooking, driving, swimming etc.
  4. To treat yourself to purchasing an exquisite high-quality item once every 6 months. Could be something as simple as ear rings, a wristwatch or a nice handbag- an item that will last for years.
  5. To draw away from that toxic friend that you’ve been meaning to (this year, not next year).
  6. To tell that person you admire from afar, that you admire them (email, call, sms, whatsapp, whichever medium, just do it).
  7. To cut or dye your hair, give yourself a new look, don’t play it safe.
  8. To live out your truest convictions, be bold and not be a conformist. To be as authentic as you can. Realise that you will not be fancied by everyone so just be you.
  9. To stand out in the accessories department, to be noticed, looked at and strut while at it.To wear eye frames that have spunk, are bold, funky and psychedelic.
  10. To wear more flat shoes instead of all heels and to wear more heels instead of all flats.
  11. To indulge less in gossip.
  12. To give out those clothes and shoes you’ve never worn, the ones you continue to hoard even though they have been untouched/unworn for years.
  13. To go out to the movies, restaurant or lunch ALONE (yes, just you, no friend, no sibling, no colleague, just you)
  14. To make enquiries about that study programme this year (don’t put if off any longer).
  15. To speak up in that team meeting. Let your voice be heard too. Your idea might be the best your department will have all year.
  16. To put away your phone, as in out of sight, during the entire period you’re meeting up with people. Suppress the incessant compulsion to check your phone in social settings.
  17. To wear more dresses and less pants. (I have less than 5 dresses in my wardrobe so I’m daring myself on this one).
  18. To stop hoarding your compliments, express them freely but stay away from flattery.
  19. To walk into that shop or restaurant that looks over priced but is stocked with items you like. Window shop like you have money to spend, make a mental note and then when the time is right, you go back to make a purchase.
  20. To be a hedonist in your home this weekend. Lounge around, eat a whole box of your favourite chocolates/biscuits, ice creamor cake, binge on TV shows, read all the magazines, read the books you bought, listen to weekend radio, do your favourite things and don’t feel guilty for doing it.
  21. To stop doing things because everyone is doing it or because it is the ‘in’ thing. Start doing things that are in sync with your core and values.
  22. To put only a bold lipstick on and then head out the door.
  23. To stand up for someone when they are being spoken about in their absence.
  24. To check out the ticket and accommodation price for that trip overseas. While you may not be able to afford it now, you’ll know what it costs and can start planning towards it.
  25. To become more objective and less biased. Gain perspective before being a ‘die- hard’ to your opinions.
  26. To stop applying make-up while driving. It’s dangerous and puts other road users in harm’s way.
  27. To forgive that person you’ve been holding a grudge against and just let things go.
  28. To try out a new dish, something different from what your taste buds are used to.
  29. To communicate your true feelings more, take a step in being vulnerable.
  30. To read a book outside your usual genre as in, actually read through all the pages.
  31. To be less critical or judgemental and more unassuming.
  32. To strike a conversation with a total stranger once a week (at work, on the queue in the grocery shop, on the bus/train, gym etc.).
  33. To tip a really good waiter 30% of the bill.
  34. To say’ I love you’ to someone you love but have never told.
  35. To tackle those seemingly harmless health problems. For how long have you been ignoring the symptoms your body’s been giving? They may seem insignificant, but if neglected for a long time, they will deteriorate and pose a major health risk. So, I dare you to take that big step and finally get yourself checked out.
  36. To try spending below your monthly budget every month.
  37. To buy more things with cash and less on credit.
  38. To save some more every month, and if you never saved, start saving.
  39. To take a selfie without make up, or go make up free for a week.
  40. To greet ‘BY NAME’, the following people you encounter on a daily basis- the tea lady at work, the security officer in your apartment block, the cleaners at your office, the driver who drives the bus you take to work.

Which ones will you pick to do this year?

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Till we chat again, stay focused, keep shining, share this blog with your awesome tribe and take care of yourself XOXOXO

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